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Who cares about the quality of animation (not to say it wasn't a good effort), your writing is really good and I liked the voice acting. You should look into teaming up with a few other artists and pitch this to a company, you never know what might happen. I think with a bit of extra work refining the art style, animation and audio this would make a great show. Plus it's already almost 11 minutes long which is exactly what you want! Amazing effort! Just knock up a bunch of scripts (you clearly already have heaps of ideas), get a team together and knock up a really good quality trailer or teaser and get in touch with Adult Swim or Cartoon Network.

Fantishow responds:

Oh wow, you're just reading my mind.

This was really cool and abstract but so confusing and hard to follow. Had to watch it twice to really get what was going on. I liked the narration except for the the ship captains voice, was he Asian or Irish? Also, what's going on with the style? One minute it's super fluid flash, next minute it's photoshop puppet animation. I think you would have been better off with one consistent style or one for the characters and another for the weird tree story dream sequence. It got very visually confusing for me, particularly the way the cat looked different in every scene, it distracted me from the story. Still, I think it was pretty good and very original, I thought some of the animation was awesome and enjoyed the majority of the narration.

Man there is a lot of cool things about this series. It seems really different and original to anything else I've seen. The colours are great and a lot of the transitions and title effects are really cool. It would be great if you spent more time refining your art style and your jokes. The art style seems really interesting and unique and I like a lot of the colours but it still feels undeveloped. I think if you worked on your backgrounds and character designs a bit more they would look great. If a small tablet is part of the problem then I definitely think it's worth investing in a new one. I also think if you spent more time developing your script and working on the execution of your jokes it would improve this animation a great deal. A lot of the jokes fell a bit flat for me and I found myself loosing interest in the story. I hope you don't take this review the wrong way because I really like the animation, it's really cool and original, I just think it could be improved with a bit more spit and polish. Anyway good job, looking forward to your next submission.

Blordow responds:

The first half of the script was written in 2007 with some minor tweaks here and there so generally it was a bit flat, I had already done most of it before we started changing up the second half of the script last year. The next half should feel a lot more recent and fresh in terms of humour. I definitely agree with you on that. I am also looking to upgrade my tablet, although I can only afford a small upgrade, hopefully it should help. I really want this to be good, it has been pretty difficult getting it this far for many reasons but I hope I can develop it further. Thanks for the review!

Sweet textures! It is an awesome idea, would love to see it complete. I think it would have been more engaging with more information about the character though. Also would be cool with a voice over instead of the text, just to make the audio more interesting. Don't have a problem with the animation considering it's an interactive graphic novel, I think the minimal animation works. Nice job!

Not as good as Sparkle Friends but still awesome.

The animation is wicked but I thought the song was kinda average. I think this would have been better as a short film rather than a music clip. The story and imagery seemed more interesting than the song. I wasn't so keen on the lyrics, I couldn't tell if they were trying to be serious or comical. The backing track was cool though. Still an incredible animation, loved the rocks.

All my stars go to this!

This would be great if you had frame by frame animated the expressions instead of tweening them and also if you did some study on anatomy and colour theory. Those boobs were way too big! (not that I don't like big boobs just I think they could go down a size considering the style and feel of the animation) Also the highlights on the brunette girls hair was grey and made her look kinda old (unless that was your intention). Apart from that I thought it was cool!

Awesome animation! Thought the script was pretty average though. The whole pedophile scene ruined this for me.

That kid was heaps funny! Particularly when she was throwing the toys in the air like they were money. The effects animation was awesome.

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