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Who cares about the quality of animation (not to say it wasn't a good effort), your writing is really good and I liked the voice acting. You should look into teaming up with a few other artists and pitch this to a company, you never know what might happen. I think with a bit of extra work refining the art style, animation and audio this would make a great show. Plus it's already almost 11 minutes long which is exactly what you want! Amazing effort! Just knock up a bunch of scripts (you clearly already have heaps of ideas), get a team together and knock up a really good quality trailer or teaser and get in touch with Adult Swim or Cartoon Network.

Fantishow responds:

Oh wow, you're just reading my mind.

Why are there ads on the load screen when I'm a NG supporter?

This was really cool and abstract but so confusing and hard to follow. Had to watch it twice to really get what was going on. I liked the narration except for the the ship captains voice, was he Asian or Irish? Also, what's going on with the style? One minute it's super fluid flash, next minute it's photoshop puppet animation. I think you would have been better off with one consistent style or one for the characters and another for the weird tree story dream sequence. It got very visually confusing for me, particularly the way the cat looked different in every scene, it distracted me from the story. Still, I think it was pretty good and very original, I thought some of the animation was awesome and enjoyed the majority of the narration.

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Incredibly slow moving game!

The majority of game play I spent watching little balls expand. I guess if you are interested in watching that happen over, and over, and over again, you would find this game riveting! I am not so interested in that so I got pretty bored after level 4. It was also ridiculously slow! The only positive thing I can say is that the music tracks suited it very well, it was like space age elevator music.

Kinda boring

I'm not any good at games, but I finished this one easy, there was no challenge. I can see your trying to do something creative and imaginative and moving and original but I found it really boring. I found the music was overly emotional for the game and plot. He's only going out for coffee man! Sorry if I sound like a prick but I simply just didn't like it. I think if you wanted to improve it you could put in more obstacles and puzzles. I also think you could give the story more depth, more character development, some real drama. On the plus side I liked your art.

It was ok

Would have been a heaps better game if it wasn't so jumpy, hard to play if you can't see it in real time.

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Nice stuff man! Definitely will keep you in mind for my next piece!

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